Happy Halloween!

Oh yes. He's an engineer (or "train driver" if you ask him.) Did we expect anything else from this train-loving boy?
Halloween 2011
Halloween 2011
We aren't exactly in a good trick-or-treat sort of neighborhood out here, so we borrowed the Lee family's 'hood for the night. The kids had fun until their buckets got too heavy to carry and we had to call it a night. 
Halloween 2011
Can you believe in that big pile of candy, there was not one Swedish Fish? Good thing my sister bought the good stuff and I could fill my pockets before heading home. 
Head over to Flickr for a few more photos including cousins in costumes. 

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Barb Bredel said...

Great pictures of all the kids...and Jess and Erin. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.