Today's workout:
A walk around the capitol square, carrying Walter and a bag of produce
Several trips up and down the hill in the backyard
Countless laps around the garden, holding Walter's hands as he walked on the stone wall
A horsey ride around the living room
Countless leg lifts with Walter riding on my ankles
A walk through the arboretum
Several laps through the house playing chase
And, a walk with Molly
No, I don't run or bike much anymore. But I have a toddler – that more than makes up for it! I think it's time for some ice cream...

Here are some photos from our day. We lucked out - no rain and even some sunshine! (Click on any photo to see a few more on Flickr.)
Molly and Walter


Anonymous said...

LOVE these photos Steph!! The leaves are so beautiful and Walter is such a cutie pie!! ~Becky

Anonymous said...

I always showed up with great scores on my wellness surveys when I had prescoolers. They are a workout. I will have to show Nathan how Little Gym does Whoop-De-Doos so you can add that to your workout. Love, Gramma

Kejama! said...

how did you get both walter and molly in focus on that first picture?

Walter's mom said...

Kejama - I set my focus on Molly. Walter is actually a little out of focus, but he's too small to notice.

Gramma - I'd love to learn the Whoop-de-doos! It's good to have variety in a workout. :)