Memorial Day weekend

The three-day weekend went by in a flash. We had visitors – the Barlow family brought friends for Walter and Molly to play with. We went to Bratfest, the zoo, and the park. It was Walter's first time exploring the big kids park. His buddy Aliyah, a park pro at the age of two, showed him how it was done. He had a great time swinging and took a couple trips down the slides with us. The kids were all smiles. 

And that's not all! We grilled out and played in the yard. Nate got a chance to go golfing and I got tomatoes and peppers planted in the garden. There was barely a moment of down time all weekend, but we had fun.

Of course, every time we left the house I forgot to pack the camera. There are so many other things to remember! Sippy cup – check, sunscreen – check, hat – check, etc... Oh well. Here are some shots of the kids playing at the house – the only place the camera is sure to be.

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