11 months

Communication has been big this month. Walter is talking all the time, if not with his mouth, then with his hands. He is imitating our sounds and movements. He's still only mastered one real sign - "all done." He knows some others, though, and shows excitement when we sign "milk" or "more." He waves and claps when you ask him to - well, most of the time, anyway. And he's making all kinds of new sounds. "Mamamamama" is my personal favorite. 

And you should see this kid move! He loves to be chased and caught. And he laughs like crazy when you pop around a corner and scare him. He is keeping us on our toes. I've caught him in the china cabinet, more than once, using his Great Grandma Bredel's sugar bowl like a drum. (I need to put a lock on that!)

Click here for photos from the last month. Just one more month to go before our little guy is a one-year-old! Time flies when you're having fun.

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