Kick, kick, kick!

For Christmas, Gramma and Grampa Billmeyer gave Walter a gift certificate for swimming lessons at Kittleson Swim School. Tonight was his first class. He's in "Little Dippers" – a class for kids 6-24 months old. 

Walter was pretty unsure of the water at first, and clung to me pretty tightly. He loosened up a bit once class started. I'm glad he has the opportunity to get used to the water while he's little. He was the only one in his class so we got very personal attention from the instructor. We sang songs, did some back floating, and bobbed in and out of the water. Every time the instructor said, "Kick, kick, kick!" his legs stayed perfectly still. Good thing there are nine more lessons! 

We'll try to remember our camera for next week's lesson. And, hopefully, we'll get a smile out of this kid while he's in the big pool!

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