The beginning of the end

After much discussion, debate, pro/con lists, etc., I have decided it's time to begin the weaning process. My goal was to nurse Walter for 6 months. We've made it that far and longer, and I think we are both ready for a little more independence. Especially now that he's getting more teeth. Ouch!

So today, Walter got his first taste of formula. Just a little mixed in with breast milk. He handled it fine, without any bad reactions. I'm sad, in a way. He's on his way to not needing me any more. I intend to make this process slow in order to make it easy on both of us. I'm guessing he'll deal with it far better than I will. But I'm ready for a little more freedom and ready to have my body back to normal – whatever that is. I just have to learn to let go a little. This is only one tiny step in watching my baby grow up. The bonding doesn't stop here and there are lots of rewarding moments to come.

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