Halloween 2013

For a few years now I've made, or at least pieced together, Walter's Halloween costumes. And it's been a really fun thing to do. But when he told me he wanted to be Optimus Prime, I backed out of the costume-making business. Because, for starters, who/what is Optimus Prime???
It's a Transformer. I'm so out of touch. 

And secondly, once I figured out who (or is it what?) Optimus Prime is, there was no way I was attempting to create that costume. So we went shopping. Easy peasy. 
Here's Optimus. (We're on a first-name basis now.) 
Halloween 2013
He's smiling under that mask, I swear. 
Halloween 2013
It was a rainy night so Optimus wore his raincoat to go trick-or-treating. He's such a good little Transformer. 
Halloween 2013
Happy Halloween!


Barb Bredel said...

It's always a good idea to be on a first name basis with a transformer!

Gramma said...

Great costume.....so how does Walter know transformers on a first name basis?