End of summer

School starts tomorrow. Well, technically we just have orientation tomorrow. The first day of kindergarten will be Wednesday. But summer is coming to an end. And it was a good one! We checked off almost everything on the summer list. (Build something with every LEGO? What were we thinking??? But we tried. Oh how we tried.) The past couple of weeks have been filled with school shopping, Brewer games, t-ball, and a trip to Green Bay Grandpa's. And there's been a ton of produce going through this house. Last weekend was applesauce and apple pie (apples from Grandpa and Mary's house). This weekend was tomatoes, salsa, and tomato soup (tomatoes from a generous friend with a bumper crop). And there have been a few batches of jam in there too. The pantry is full! And we still have a few things to harvest from the garden.
I have a handful of photos that have been collecting on my camera. Somehow there's never time to pull them off of there. These are pretty random images, but a post isn't a post without a few photos, so here's a little t-ball, a peach pie, some chickens, and the deer that visit outside the kitchen window. Proof that the camera got some use through the end of our summer. Stay tuned for first day of school photos!
Peach Pie
Bambi and Mom

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