Over the past couple of months, one of my favorite spaces in the house had become one of my least favorite spaces in the house. The art table. It looked like this:
The before
ALL of the time, it looked like this. I'm all for getting messy when it comes to art, but I'm also all for cleaning it up when you're done. 
It never got cleaned up. 
But it's not Walter's fault. The more art supplies he got, the messier things became. It's hard to clean things up when there's not really a place to put everything. So I made a place to put everything. This was such an easy fix, I can't believe it took me so long do it. One trip to the thrift store and I found this cute wooden tote.
Thrifted tote
$2.00. And it was red. Perfecto! I used some wide mouth jars and a few tin containers (found in the dollar section at Target) and just like that, the supplies were organized.
Organized supplies
Organized supplies
The best part – when Walter saw it, he could suddenly find things he didn't even know he had. 
Trying out the new paints
New paints
Because it is for art
He spent all day at that table. And when he was done, it was all cleaned up.
The after
Grampa built the art table and chairs, and cleverly put storage areas under the chairs  for paper, coloring books, etc. The oatmeal container holds crayons. 


Barb Bredel said...

Organized makes you feel like you can do anything! It also helps boys be less messy, but they still eat all the Oreos!

NAte said...