A peek into the sewing room

Since the success of the art table organization, I decided to tackle my sewing room. It doubles as a guest room and it is a collection point for all kinds of junk. I could barely walk in there, much less sew anything. I've spent a good portion of the last two weekends cleaning it up, cleaning it out, and organizing supplies. And just like Walter at his art table, I found things I didn't even know I had. Like this zebra, tucked in the bottom of my scrap basket, just waiting for some stuffing. I don't remember when or why I abandoned it, but I finished it up and it quickly settled in on Walter's head, like so many projects before it. 
Sorry, he refused to stop drinking water while I took that photo.
Also in my scrap basket: a ton of scraps! Imagine that. Scraps and a clean workspace led to the start of a quilt. I've never made a quilt before. It won't be big and it won't be fancy, but it's already been so much fun. Walter helped me piece it all together with the rule that no two of the same squares could be next to each other. An excellent project for a four-year-old.
Quilt squares
The sewing started today and is going pretty quickly. Another weekend or two and I just might have a quilt. As long as I don't abandon this the way I did the zebra. Keep me motivated! Hold me accountable!
Presser foot
Piecing together
I don't have before and after photos of the room, but I have a few bits and pieces to share. 
Blocks and beanbags
Bucket o' ribbon


Sharon said...

I believe in good scrap management but it is hard to achieve. Good going. I need to share the book I bought that has boy projects with scraps! Inspiration is part of the motivation to get going. I finished my mystery quilt clue today and have 144 half square triangles left over for some project down the way.

Sharon said...

I forgot to say that I share scraps!!!!