He did it!

Nate's first marathon experience was not ideal. A disorganized race, a lot of pain, and he swore he'd never do it again. It only took about a week for him to change his mind. He had hoped to finish that race in less than 4 hours, but it took closer to five. He had a score to settle. He joined a local racing team and put in countless hours of training. He ran over 1000 miles (and went through a few pairs of shoes) gearing up for the Chicago marathon. Sunday morning he met his goal. No, wait. He didn't just meet his goal – he flew right past it! 26.2 miles in 3:27:45! His brother, Jess, and I were his early-morning cheering section. He sped past us so fast that this is the only photo I got of him:
Too fast for my camera
The rest of the family met us to cheer him on towards the end. We saw him at mile 25 and as he ran past he shouted, "This is my last one!" Should we believe him this time?
Chicago marathon
Above: The view from the top of the Hancock Building, a handful of the 40,000 runners on Sunday morning, and my sign, so he could spot us in the crowd.
We're proud of you, Nate!

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