Chicken update

It's been quite a while since the last time I reported on the chickens. They are now almost three months old and they are getting so BIG! They certainly aren't chicks anymore. 
Outdoor life
The ladies (yes, they all turned out to be ladies. Phew!) have been spending a lot of time outside. They wander through the woods and return to the coop each evening to roost. I love pulling into the driveway after work to see chickens in the yard, welcoming me home.
Outdoor life
Dog + chicken
Molly has been getting along well with them, but she occasionally needs a stern talking to.
Chief chicken catcher
Walter is the only one of us that has any luck catching them. His favorite is still Love, and it's obvious why. He tucks her under his arm and she snuggles right up to him.
A boy and his chicken
We think we are only a month or two away from our first eggs. You can be sure I'll be reporting on that big event as soon as it happens. Walter already has plans to scramble the first egg and split it three ways.

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Gramma said...

i told Nathan he would have to make a chicken catcher, but I guess he already has one. Way to go Walter.