5 weeks old

Since it's nice and warm outside, the chicks have been spending their days in the (totally finished!) coop. Ok, ok. There are still some tiny finishing touches to be done, but it's totally habitable, and that's the most important thing. We worry about it's security, since we have so many predators to worry about out here, but Nate has done everything he can to ensure their safety. Today, one last window adjustment to be sure the critters can't get in.
Nate puzzles over coop security
In other chicken news, we have some names that seem to be sticking. Walter's favorite is now "Love."
Chicks, week 5
My favorite is "Marshmallow Fluff," but we call her "Fluffy." The Buff Orpingtons are both "Chirpy." I say both because we can't tell them apart.
Chicks, week 5
The Rhode Island Reds are both "Charlie Shortino." Charlie Shortino is a local meteorologist at NBC 15 News. I don't know how Walter came up with that one, but it made me laugh, so I say we stick with it.
Chicks, week 5
We still don't have names for the Australorps (the black ones). But we are open to suggestions.
Walter is so great with the birds. He loves to help with all the chicken chores. He handles them gently and talks to them sweetly. He used my phone this morning to take some shots of his own.
Photographing chickens
He got this one of Fluffy, with a very curious Molly keeping a close watch on her.
Chicks, week 5
Sorry, Molly, no chicken for you. But we'll throw a little extra love your way.
Molly gets love too

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Barb Bredel said...

I think you should notify Charlie Shortino about his namesake. It sounds like something he would really appreciate knowing. and I'm sure he will want to thank Walter for his choice.