The bee movie

Even though I was too sticky to take photos of our first honey harvest, I certainly didn't want to leave the event undocumented. So I asked our friend, John Kuehl, of Kuehl on Location, to come and do some documenting for us. John has been taking our family photos ever since Walter was a year old. (One, two, and three.) These days he is venturing into video and, just like his photos, the outcome is fantastic. See for yourself.

It was a fun day with the whole family. My father-in-law helped us figure out how to put the extractor together. My mom held everything steady while I used the drill to spin out the honey. Nate helped wrangle the kids and brought us wet towels for when things got too sticky. And my brother-in-law treated us to home-cooked chili and cornbread. With honey, of course. I'm thinking honey harvest day could turn into an annual celebration. 


Gramma said...

I second the celebration!!! I celebrate with every little bit I taste!! Thanks. John the video is wonderful. Thanks. Next year I am going to lick from the pail too.

Kejama! said...

Can we do a "things in jars" trade? I have a small homemade jar of tomato basil jelly just for you... if you can spare a small jar from Quimby's Apiary. :)(by the way, soooo jealous) love - K