How sweet it is

Our first honey harvest was last weekend! I didn't tell you about it because I didn't have any photos to share (no one likes a post without photos). And I didn't have any photos to share because I was up to my elbows armpits in honey during the extraction process. My camera thanked me for not getting it involved. But today was bottling day – a process much less sticky than extraction. So here I am, with photos! Yay!
We took two supers of honey from Ramona. Each honey super has ten frames, so we had 20 frames of honey to extract. From those 20 frames, we bottled over 5 gallons of honey! Ramona is still working hard and we expect one more super of honey by the end of the season. Beezus is still struggling, so we won't be taking honey from her. We'll let those bees keep everything they can make.
First honey harvest
First honey harvest
We've decided to label our honey with the name "Quimby Apiary" in honor of our sister hives, Beezus and Ramona. I'm still working on designing the label. I'm my own worst critic.

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Gramma said...

Beautiful and tasty. What good farmers you are! Thanks!