Phew! Another great weekend in the books. Nate was working all weekend, so Walter and I were on our own to find some fun. I have to say, I think we nailed it! A friend from work invited us to a fire department celebration on Saturday afternoon. There was a giant slide, tons of vintage fire trucks to look at, and you could use a real fire hose to put out a (fake) fire.
Junior firefighter
Patrick gave Walter a full tour of the ladder truck and we got to ride in the fire truck parade! He made our day! That's Patrick on the top left, answering all of Walter's questions.   
Walter says his waving arm got tired during the parade.
After all that fire department fun yesterday, we decided to be homebodies today. We spent part of our morning sewing paper dot garlands. These are so easy and fun. We used a big circle punch and some old paper samples. I set the sewing machine on slow, and Walter fed the dots through, one after another. We decorated the porch and had a festive lunch. 
A little gardening, a little cleaning, a little outdoor play. We spent the evening making 'welcome home' artwork for Daddy with sidewalk chalk. 
I love my weekends! I hope yours was great too!

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