Four years!

Our baby boy has made four trips around the sun. That's quite a distance to travel. Four yearsHe's still tall, often mistaken for older than he is. His playful behavior gives his true age away. Although, in many ways he is beyond his years. His speech is excellent, when he decides to use his words. He's curious and inquisitive. He fills silence with question after question – many that we can't answer. Four years
He loves to draw, paint, color, create. He tells us he makes money by selling his pictures. He also loves to run, jump, throw, catch, kick, bat. We spend evenings in the yard playing baseball and soccer. And, yes, he still loves trains.Four years
He can be sweet and kind and he gives great hugs (he gets that from his daddy, I'm sure). He can be stubborn and particular (maybe from his daddy, too? :)) As SouleMama said, "The days can be long, the years most certainly short. Hold them close and love them." We certainly will. 
Four years
Happy birthday, Walter! We love you!


Barb Bredel said...

Happy Birthday Walter!!! Just think, Stephanie, in 4 more months, your blog will be 4 years old, too!

Justine said...

Happy birthday to a sweet, not-so-little-anymore boy!

Grampa and Gramma said...

Thanks for the blog, so we can follow along with the journey. I would add that he is brave when he should be and cautious when he is not sure. He is very coordinated and that makes me braver with what he wants to try. It has been a great 4 years. We love you Walter.