Checking in

Not too much to say today, but I figure I better check in with this space every once in a while. I know the posts don't come very often these days, but spring has come early and we are busier than ever. The regular old stuff of life mixed with busy summer planning. The garden needs a good clean up – I confess I didn't really put the beds to bed last fall. I'm putting some good effort into getting the canning kitchen in working order. And we've decided to get bees! My sister and I are going to be beekeepers! (Nate plans to watch from a distance for a while.) We will be assembling our hives tomorrow and getting things ready. Our bees will arrive in April. I can't wait! 
And, totally unrelated to all that, here's a few photos from our Saturday morning. 
Nate ran the Shamrock Shuffle, finishing the 10k in 45:47 – a personal record! Have I mentioned he's signed up for two more marathons? And he said he'd never do another one... 
Shamrock Shuffle
While Nate was running, we took a little walk up Bascom Hill with Grandpa and Mary, visited Abe Lincoln, and showed Walter the dorm both Mary and I lived in. (Chadbourne Hall, in case you're curious.) 
Reading letters
Seeing Walter in shorts for the first time in months – the kid is a beanpole!
We finished off our morning with a trip to the zoo. 
Zoo, with Grandpa and Mary
Well, I guess I had a few things to say after all. Guess I should stop by more often. :) 

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