Building hives

The bee hives are built! Kristin and I spent the afternoon assembling, hammering, and painting with our two little helpers, Kyla and Walter. And Nate helped too, of course. 
We will have two hives. To get us started, we assembled 8 supers:
Assembling supers
50 frames with foundation – the foundation helps the bees build straight comb:
Assembling frames
And we painted the outsides of the supers dark purple and light purple. Why purple? Because we had purple paint. The bees don't care. But I think they will look cute and cheerful in the yard. And I'm aiming to have a very cute bee operation here. We're off to a good start!
Painting supers
Painting supers

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Gramma said...

Very cute!!!!! I think the cute bees will like it. Now I will have more busy bees to teach me about honey and I hope more honey. I love both-the learning is so so interesting and the honey is so so yummy.