Late season garden report

The gardening season is just about over. I suppose I could plant some fall crops, but honestly, I'm looking forward to a break from produce for a while. Our first garden here did well for the most part. We had a few failures, but still plenty to harvest. Our bush beans did great, while our pole beans served as a daily meal for the japanese beetles. Picky eaters, they are. The zucchini had a bit of a slow start, but really came through in the end and we are, once again, overloaded with the stuff. The tomatoes were the biggest disappointment for me - hit with blight right away. We have very little to show from those five plants. Better luck next year. 
I just pulled the first few carrots from the ground today and they are looking great. The beets are a bit small, and I take full responsibility for that. I planted a lot, intending to thin them for the greens, but I let them go and get overcrowded. Oops! Still, plenty to keep Walter happy through the winter. He loves beets! My first ever crop of corn was a disaster, but I think I learned some things and I'll try again next year with a different location and more support. 
We had quite a few creatures in the garden this year. The fence did a fantastic job of keeping bunnies and deer out, so they weren't a problem at all. I was amazed at all the frogs we found. At least 3 or 4 different varieties hopping out at me. Today's find was the most unusual, a little green guy, sleeping at the top of a corn stalk. 
And then, there's this guy:
This little stinker has been nibbling on my eggplants. I did a little investigating and it seems to be the destructive tomato hornworm. Sorry buddy, no tomatoes for you this year.
So, things are winding down, but there's still plenty to do. I think it's about time to get Walter to harvest his beets!

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Anonymous said...

Just thin the beets, there is still growing time.
Grandpa Martens