Busy, busy, busy

How does a week slip by so quickly? I'll tell you how. With buckets of black raspberries, bowls of beans, and piles of zucchini. Beets, chard, and peas are filling all the spaces in between. And then there's the running. Have I mentioned Nate and I are in training? For a marathon? I know, I know. I often question our sanity. It takes place in December, so for the next 20 weeks or so, we will be running and running and running some more. This will be Nate's first marathon, my second. I'm actually enjoying the training so far. After a day of work and an evening of cooking, gardening, and hanging out with Walter, it's good to have that little bit of quiet time to myself. I could do without this crazy heat though. 
So, we're busy. But I'll get back into the swing of things here soon enough. I think my camera is hiding somewhere under a pile of canning jars. 

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Sharon said...

Take a picture of the pantry filling. I would like to see that because I think it is such a neat feature of your kitchen1