Berry bliss

Black raspberries
We've discovered that our property is full of black raspberries. We can easily spend an evening gathering a few beans and zucchini from the garden, then wander the paths and fill the rest of our bowl with berries. Walter gets the low ones, I get the high ones, and Nate gets the ones way back in there, far off the path. It's a good system. By the end of the night, our fingers (and mouths) are stained purple.
Berry picker


Kristin said...

I'm jealous! We planted some this spring but I'm afraid they are going to get bulldozed (along with half my hostas and all of the back garden!) from the house that is going up behind us.

Walter's mom said...

If they get bulldozed, just come over and dig up some of ours. And in the meantime, come over and pick some!

Becky said...

What a wonderful surprise!

jtbear said...

We have them growing wild around here too. They are just getting ripe! One of our favorite things to do with them besides eat them, is to make ayrup out of them. It gets rid of the seeds, and makes a delicious syrup for pancakes, waffles, or ice cream! I just look up a red raspberry syrup recipe on the internet and cook away. It really doesn't take long and is very yummy and it keeps quite awhile too. You do have such a lovely woods around your home.