The great outdoors (and a pop quiz!)

My muddy boy
It seems we are spending all of our time outside these days – exploring, planting and playing. Walter has found a favorite hide and seek spot behind an oak tree in the yard. He's never hard to find. The garden is half planted with just two more beds to go. We had a short break from the mud, but today's rainstorm brought it back. All this outdoor activity leads to daily tick checks and nightly baths for all of us. Poor Molly gets the hose every time we bring her back into the house. 
Bleeding hearts
We're finding so much great stuff growing on the property. I'm excited to see new varieties of daffodils, some bleeding hearts, tulips, hostas, daylilies, and all sorts of interesting things I've never seen before. We've been doing our best to identify plants and trees, but the internet is failing us and books are only somewhat helpful. So we are turning to you, smart blog readers, to help us. Today's mystery tree is:
Mystery tree
Mystery tree
I've never seen anything bloom quite like this before. Any ideas? I just know that one of you will have the answer!


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Do you have some kind of nut trees in your yard? This looks like the way our hickories leaf out. So the Spring Lake clan votes for a nut tree of some sort. The bark could tell alot more.