A Bee-utiful weekend

First of all, Happy Mother's Day! We had a lovely brunch with our local families. The food was great, the kids played well together, the grown-ups got a chance to talk and the weather was perfect. I didn't finish the new kitchen table in time, but we managed without it. I promise to have it in place in time for the next gathering! 

The other big fun of the weekend – BEES!
The bees
Jess, my brother-in-law, has a new beekeeping hobby. He has been readying a hive and his first bees arrived on Saturday. The whole family headed over to watch him (literally) pour a box full of bees into the hive. A truly amazing thing to witness. Thousands of bees and not a single person got stung! I'll be taking notes this summer. This was so cool that we just might get a hive of our own next year. You can read all about Jess' bee adventures on his blog, Be A Participant, Not A Recipient.
The bees

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Gramma said...

Thanks for a great brunch and Mother's Day weekend! It could not have been better.