Bucky's house

We had a nice little break from house stuff tonight. We took Walter to a Badger men's basketball game at the Kohl Center – or "Bucky's house," as Walter appropriately calls it. We only stayed for the first half, since we were already cutting into bedtime, but we got to see plenty of Bucky, cheerleaders, the dance team, the band... Oh, and there were basketball players too. The Badgers had a huge lead when we left. I think it's safe to say they won. And I'm happy to report that Walter still thinks the giant W stands for Walter


Gramma said...

He told me about the cheerleaders first thing and repeated the cheerleader excitemnt when Ginny got home from school. What is Dad teaching him???? I asked if the players scored a bucket and he thought they did.

Walter's mom said...

He told us he wants to be a cheerleader for Halloween and we need to go to the fabric store so I can make him a costume. :)