Kitchen ideas?

The renovation of the new house includes a new kitchen. And by "new kitchen" I mean, what is now the dining room will become the kitchen. We're taking down walls and moving things around and basically reconfiguring the whole first floor. We've figured out a pretty good layout for the kitchen. I think it will be a great workspace. But, any great plan can always be made better. So, my question for you today: What do you love about your kitchen?


jp said...

Pot hanger and island/breakfast counter. I always thought it would be neat to have more of the common small appliances (coffee maker, blender, toaster,etc.) more integrated into the kitchen rather than taking up valuable counter space.

I guess the other thing is to have the kitchen somewhat open to an area where guests are so you can prep food and socialize at the same time.

jp said...

This looks cool

Barb Bredel said...

Double wall oven, pop-up mixer cupboard, pull out garbage can in a cupboard, recycling in a cupboard, grand piano breakfast bar at counter height, revolving corner spice cupboard, drawers in all the lower cupboards (especially the pantry), built in microwave, built in china cupboard with glass doors, window seat. Wish I had a built in bookcase or cupboard for cook books and a desk area.

John said...

Lots and lots of different lighting options. I like having the "main" ceiling lights, and the under-cabinet lights, and the pendant lights over the breakfast bar/sink, and the recessed lights over the prep area...each is just the right thing at different times.

But it sounds like you'll have a lot of windows, so maybe artificial light won't be as big of a need as it is in my relatively window-less kitchen?

Kelli said...

How exciting! I'm so happy for you guys - what an adventure!

My ultimate dream kitchen would have these bad boys in it!