I'm still here

Please forgive the infrequency of posts here lately. We've been having some naptime/bedtime battles that make it impossible to get anything else done. I keep reminding myself that he won't be two forever. This too shall pass. Or should I say, this two shall pass?

Even though he's a stinker at bedtime, he still keeps us laughing.
Dog, as racetrack
And Molly is, as always, a good sport.


Barb Bredel said...

It looks as though Molly is exhausted, too. Walter certainly keeps everyone busy.

gramma said...

Maybe it is already better. He knew I must have nooks somewhere and we looked in the trash because they had been "thrown away". I think because the garbage man had come this morning, he figured they were gone on the truck, so, that discussion had no tears. Then we sang a couple of songs and I went in one more time to check and he went off to sleep. I hope it is as easy the rest of the week.