Kristin knits

When my sister was pregnant with Finn and on bed rest, I brought her some knitting needles, a ball of yarn and a how-to book with some patterns to help her pass the time. By the time she was done with her maternity leave, Kristin had knit this dress for Kyla:
Kristin knits
Holy cow! I spent my first few years of knitting making tiny little hats – projects that required very little skill or math or bravery. But she jumped right in, tackling the tough stuff on her first try. And now she's got the knitting bug even worse than me. Many nights she sacrifices sleep for knitting. With two kids! There's that bravery I was talking about. But check out the AWESOME projects she's finished. This adorable Neighborly Vest for Kyla:
Kristin knits - Kyla's Neighborly
And her latest creation, the February Lady Sweater:
Kristin knits
Kristin knits
Oh man, I'm impressed! (Now, Kristin, get some sleep!)

And let me just say how wonderful it was to get outside in the sunshine to take these photos. I've been craving weather like this for far too long. Kyla was enjoying it, too. Those boots! A girl after my own heart...
Kyla skips


Kristin said...

I'm not sure that's entirely true! You made a very adorable hat/sweater combo for Kyla when she was about 6 months old.

And if I stopped knitting, I wouldn't sleep anyways. There's a box of canning supplies in the basement calling my name.

Barb Bredel said...

That's my girls! Very talented. I can't knit at all. I'm hoping they will teach me.

Anonymous said...

Must be a Martens trait- HA HA