Busy, busy!

We've had a busy week with lots of Christmas cheer. We started last Sunday at Jess and Erin's house for the Billmeyer Christmas. Erin made homemade pizzas (yum!) and we all had a good time opening presents and playing games. Grampa helped the girls play with all their new toys. Walter had such a good time he didn't even take a nap. But he sure slept good that night!

We went to Green Bay on Christmas Day to visit Grandpa and Mary. I was little worried about how Walter would do sleeping in a strange place. He adapted pretty well and, except for a little bit of crying at 2am, we all got a decent night of sleep. Better than I expected, really. We had lunch at the bakery on Friday - they really do have the best chicken salad sandwich around. And we visited the railroad museum. I wish I had brought my camera there. Walter had a good time checking out all the trains. We had a foggy drive on Friday night but we made it home ok.
And it's not over yet! Grandma and Grandpa Bredel and Uncle Eddie will be coming to visit on Tuesday and are staying through Saturday. So there's more Christmas to come...

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Anonymous said...

Nice update on your Christmas. Great G & G "B"