10 things

A few of the blogs I read have recently asked the question, “What 10 things are you loving right now?”

Here’s my list:

1.  A snow day! Working from home in my pj’s with Nate and Walter to keep me company.

2.  Getting Christmas cards in the mail.

3.  Walter’s hair – he’s getting more of it and it does this cute fluff thing in the morning.

4.  The perfect ratio of peanuts to m&ms to raisins in my snack mix. Yum.

5.  Books by Sandra Boynton. She is hilarious.

6.  Stockings hung by the chimney with care. Walter needed a stocking so I made new ones for all of us.

7.  A sleeping dog – tired from burying herself in the snow.

8.  Walter’s victory stretch after a long nap. It’s like he’s saying That. Was. AWESOME!

9.  Nate being in charge of snow removal at our house. Thanks Nate!

10. Comments from you! What are you loving right now?


Anonymous said...

I love shoveling!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie, We love your blog. It's a joy to read about Walter and his family. Love, G. Grandma & Grandpa B

Mommy said...

LOVE Sandra Boynton! Hippo's Go Beserk is my fav (I even blogged about it too!). - Kelli

Nate said...

I love video games.