Spring cleaning

Well, that was a rather long blogging break. I'm just going to say I was hibernating. This long, cold winter brought everything to a halt. That's not to say we've been lazing our days away, but, well, most of you readers are in the same climate. I'm betting you've been hibernating a little too.

Things are finally starting to thaw and I decided it was time for a little springtime spruce-up of this space. Up top you'll see a new masthead – a change that was LONG overdue. And I changed up some colors and fonts and things, because I'm a designer and that's the sort of thing we designers like to do.

I also did some organizing. I went back and labeled many of my posts (something I should have been doing all along), and in the right sidebar you'll see a list of those categories. This was mostly so I could find things more easily, but if it helps me, it may help you too.
I added an Instagram feed in that sidebar as well. It's a quick and easy place for me to capture our days. So even if you don't see a new post here for a while, there may be a few new photos to browse there. 
It's nice to be back and it's nice to have a new, clean, organized space to work in. Let me know what you think!

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