Happy New Year!

I have a couple of things for you on this second day of 2014. 
Thing #1: My Instagram feed. Rather than putting together a recap of last year, I invite you to browse through my Instagram photos. It's a pretty good overview of how we spent 2013. I love looking back and remembering all the awesomeness of the past year. Vacations, new bedrooms, delicious food, and good times. You are welcome to follow me on Instagram if you'd like.

Thing #2: It's resolution time, and while I haven't exactly made any resolutions this year, I am sort of constantly striving to be more organized and on top of things. One change we made this past year was putting together a dinner menu each week. We've been sticking with it for about 6 months or so and it makes our weeknights so much easier. It also really cuts down on our last-minute, fast food dinners, which I am very happy about. So today I'm sharing my printable menu/grocery list with you. Because it's more fun to be organized when being organized is cute and colorful. 
menu planner
Just click on this link  to download and print out the pdf on letter-size paper. Cut or fold in half and you are ready to go.

We wish you a very happy 2014!

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