Billmeyer Family Vacation - Part two

While we were in Durango, Walter turned 5. Five! Can you believe it? He's such a big, independent, smart kid. 
Side note: We got his stats at his 5-year check-up. 3'11'' (98%) and 39 lbs (35%). He's slowly gaining in the weight category, and still topping the charts in height.
Since we were celebrating his birthday on our vacation, Gramma and Grampa planned a ride up the mountain on the Durango-Silverton Train. 
Another side note: Gramma & Grampa's and Jess & Erin's wedding anniversaries are on June 12, along with Walter's birthday. Our car had a lot to celebrate! 
At the station
On the train, with pancakes
Out the window
Scenery from the train
Steam over the bridge
Scenery from the train
Out the window
This was the shot to get - the train chugging along the edge of the cliff, over the trestle. The shot where the train felt like it was tipping sideways from the shift of weight as everyone leaned out the windows. Gulp! We made it.
Steep cliff in front
The scenery was beautiful. The ride was relaxing. We had lunch and a stroll though Silverton, then rode the train back down the mountain for dinner and birthday cake. A perfect way to celebrate 5 years.
Birthday candles

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