A typical weeknight

I know, I know. It's Sunday. Not a weeknight at all. But these photos are from, oh, let's say last Tuesday. A typical spring weeknight with a little this and little that...
There's always time spent playing outside. Usually sports, but sometimes the treehouse is the favorite place to be. Running is the preferred method of getting anywhere.
Sometimes Daddy needs a push
Catch me if you can
There's usually project or two – Walter is always willing to help us out. Whether we're cleaning something or fixing something. He's a helper.
Sweeping the porch
And there's usually a little surprise from nature. Sometimes it's a tick (or 5) found creeping on one of us. Sometimes it's watching the chickens catch (and devour!) a mouse. And sometimes it's not so gruesome, like this robin's nest on the back patio. It's at just the right height for us to be able to keep an eye on things. There's been a fourth egg laid since this photo was taken. We hope the robins can keep it safe from predators so we can watch those babies hatch.  
Robin nest
One more photo that seems not so typical. Can you believe how big this kid looks?? 

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