Welcome 2013

Looking back at the past year through the pages of this blog – oh my! 2012 was filled with lots of new things, lots of learning, lots of challenges, and lots of fun. Bees, chickens, school, running, knitting, traveling, soccer... The list goes on and on. The posting around here has dropped off quite a bit, but sometimes life requires more living and less documenting. I do miss this space though, and I enjoy having something to remind me of all the wonderful ways we we fill our days. So, while I will make no promises, I will try to visit more often. 
Here are a few photos from the last bit of 2012. (All from my phone. I hope to have some "real" photos to share soon. I got some new lenses for Christmas that I'm excited to play with!)
Scenes from the end of 2012
Happy New Year! Here's to an awesome 2013!

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Anonymous said...

I should have bought some of the fruit faces for me. I want to eat fruit with personalities!!! Have just as good of year this year! Love the photos and your commentary.
Love, Gramma