It's here! It's here! My chicken catalog is here! (Um, yes, I know how crazy that sounds.) Squeal! The chicken catalog is here!
You see, I went to a chicken class a few weeks ago. (I know, that sounds crazy too.) I just wanted to get an idea of what raising a few chickens would entail. How do you start? What are the day to day chores? What's the return on investment? I was so happy with what I learned that I ran right home and ordered a chicken catalog. A few chickens – 4, maybe 6 hens – would be a nice addition to our little homestead. I've even got Nate convinced that it's the right thing to do. But we're not ready for chickens just yet. We need to do some planning, build a coop, and spend some time pouring through this chicken catalog, finding just the right breeds. I hope to have this place chicken-ready by next spring!


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin Public Radio's Larry Meiler show was about chickens a couple days ago and is probably archived. They also discussed a book titled "Cluck".

Kejama! said...

That's it... now I'm seriously jealous. Jason won't let me get chickens (becuase seriously, we don't live in a very chicken friendly neighborhood), but I want chickens so bad. We need to move... apparently into your house ;)