It's January 12 and we've finally gotten our first measurable amount of snow for the winter. Walter was really, really excited... to shovel! He's been looking forward to shoveling for weeks. So he shoveled and shoveled and shoveled some more. Nate gave him a dollar for his efforts and he went right out and spent it on video games at the pizza place. It was his first paycheck. He should be allowed to spend it any way he wants.
My new scarf
I managed to finish my scarf just in time for the snow. The pattern is the Rick Rack Scarf, which was featured on the Purl Bee back in November. It's nice and cozy. And now I can move on to finishing another wip. Knitting is such a good activity for a snowy evening.


Anonymous said...

Send Walter to our house, there is lots of shoveling to do!
Grandpa Martens

Gramma said...

I finished my Hawaii project and am working on a scarf with the left over skein. It is one of the hazards of ordering on line rather than buying at Sows Ear---left over yarn is yours to keep forever. I think I will like the scarf though. Yours does look toasty warm. You might need it in the next few days.