Let's sew something

"I have an idea, Mama! Let's SEW something!"
Oh, I like that idea very much. We decided to make a zippered pouch that Walter could use to store his "collection." Collection of what? I don't know. But there's a pteranodon on Dinosaur Train that has a collection, so, Walter needs to have one too.
He dug through my scrap basket and picked out which fabrics to use and chose a zipper. Halfway through sewing he got distracted by my button jar and gave up his position at the sewing machine to choose buttons. Those buttons became eyes and the zipper pouch became a monster zipper pouch. And it was put to immediate use, holding his collection – a pencil and Lightning McQueen.
Monster zipper pouch
Monster zipper pouch
Monster zipper pouch
Monster zipper pouch


Kristin said...


Barb Bredel said...

Pretty cute! Excuse me, Handsome!

grandpa Billmeyer said...

pretty soon he'll be welding animals.

kim said...

so fun. i can't wait for my boys to ask me to make them something. I love what walter designed!

Kejama! said...

that thing is awesome - i need to make one ASAP :)