First harvests

Garden, June 19
Garden greens
First strawberry harvest
Strawberry snack
We have successfully grown food! We are finally at a point where there is more green than brown in the garden. Peas and beans are climbing. The zucchini and cucumbers have already started crowding out their neighbors. I have a steady supply of salad greens for my lunches and Walter has had a few strawberry snacks. He quickly figured out how to tell which berries were ripe for picking. He's become very interested in where things come from and how things are made. One of his favorite questions about food is, "Does this grow?" I think he might be planning future crops.


jtbear said...

I'm so jealous! A rabbit has been harvesting our garden goodies early! It started when Tailer was vacationing up north and she hasn't seemed to get a handle on it since we got back. Her latest job evaluation says she needs to kick it up a notch! Your garden looks gorgeous. Maybe Walter will go into farming?

Sharon said...

Summertime and the liven is good---if not easy. You have done a great job with the weeds! I was never able to grow strawberries in this clay soil so kudos for that great crop too.

Justine said...

What an awesome example you're setting for him!! I think it's so important for people (esp kids!) to know where their food comes from. Everything looks delicious - want guests for dinner? ;-)

Barb Bredel said...

Good job! Love the twig tepees. Whats growing there?