Garden beginnings

The garden is started! Well, it's built. Ok, mostly built. We've been working hard out there. Nate built the frames for five raised beds. 
Garden beginnings
We got them set into the ground over the weekend, and filled with dirt today. 
Garden beginnings
Garden beginnings
Even Walter pitched in and moved some dirt around. He also buried some cars in there. I wonder if a car tree will grow...
Garden beginnings
Now that the beds are made, the next step is to protect them. Nate has big plans for a big fence. It should be done just in time to start planting!


Barb Bredel said...

The garden looks terrific! Great job everyone. Let me know when the "car tree, bush, vine..." starts to poke through. Can't wait to see that!!

Anonymous said...

I love the design. I hope you used treated wood.
Grandpa Martens

Kristin said...

Will the big fence be big enough to hold an even bigger garden someday? Or just big enough for those beds?

Kejama! said...

Wow. I can't even seem to get the front yard raked and you can get this done? I'm impressed, and waaayyyy jealous.