House update

We've been in the new house for a couple of months now and I have yet to post any "after" photos from the renovation. The fact is, it's just not done yet. Most rooms are close to being done, but I'd rather not show the finished product until it's really finished. What's holding us up? Well, we are STILL waiting to have a sink installed in the master bathroom. What a fiasco that has been! First the cabinet was the wrong size, then the wrong color. But we now have a new one on order and in 3-4 weeks, we'll be brushing our teeth right there in the master bathroom. Probably. We're also trying to find a kitchen table that fits in our new space. Nate built some beautiful bench seating that I'm dying to show off, but right now it's covered up by an ill-fitting table. I'm on the hunt for the right solution. Another little roadblock is my own indecisiveness. I can't decide where to hang pictures and where to put shelves. There is a pile of artwork stacked in a corner just waiting for me to pick a spot already!
But aside from all that, we've been making real progress here! Like I said, Nate built bench seating and it's exactly what I was hoping for. I've even made cushions for it already. He also built an organizer for the foyer so we each have our own cubby for coats, hats, gloves, shoes, etc. Oh! Did I mention the pantry shelves he built? Nate has been busy! He even got the garage cleaned out so that both our cars will fit in there. At the same time! Room by room the paint is being touched up, towel bars and pictures are being hung, the last odds and ends are being put away and organized. We've also been making a real effort to make this place as energy efficient as possible. Insulation has been added and a new fireplace will be installed tomorrow.
We're so happy with the house and we really feel comfortable here. We'll keep chipping away at the to-do list and with any luck, those "after" pictures won't be too far off.

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Gramma said...

The pictures of making cookies and walking around the yard make it look like important things are in place!!! I'm glad you like it all so far. We do too.