Big changes are happening at the new house these days. The inside still looks pretty much the same, but a tremendous amount of work has been done. Walls are framed, heating and electric are all in place, and the siding has started to go up. Here are photos from today. Just a few visible changes from what I posted before
The really big change today is that this old, critter-infested, falling-down, out building:
Outbuilding before
Now looks like this:
Outbuilding - gone!
A new out building will be going up in it's place – the construction of that starts on Monday.
Walter was thrilled with today's work. Not only did he get to watch diggers working right there in his yard, but he got to sit in one too! For a two-year-old boy, this was the BEST DAY EVER!
Watching the big trucks from a big truck


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He told me about the digger about 2 minutes after he got here and there was a dump truck too. I thinks he wants to keep them Dad!