Nate and I just returned from our first, Walter-free vacation. While we spent a few days in Las Vegas, Walter and Molly vacationed at Gramma and Grampa's house. We missed our boy, of course, but it was nice to take some time for ourselves. Gramma and Grampa said Walter was very good. And Walter had such a good time it was hard to convince him to come home!

There's not too much to report from Vegas. We had a great time and did all the usual Vegas things. The camera came out exactly twice. Once at Hoover Dam:
Hoover Dam
Keep off wall? Not a problem. Yikes! That's a long way down!

And once in the airport:
Airport knitting
Knitting is my new favorite way to pass time while traveling. Yes, knitting needles are still allowed on airplanes, but I got a lot of stares. One woman kindly waited until I had my headphones in before calling a friend to report, "There's a girl knitting in here!" I had no idea it would be such a spectacle. I'll post photos of my progress after I get some sleep. That red-eye flight is a tough one...

p.s. Check out what's happening during Celebrate the Boy month at Made and Made by Rae. Walter makes an appearance in Dana's YOU Made It post. And there are tons of great ideas being shared. I'm hoping to get started on another project this weekend.

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