Story dice

I am so excited about this very cool game! I originally found it here, but then saw it again here and here, and I just had to make a set for us (and a couple more sets for Christmas gifting). The rules are simple: roll the dice – as many as you like – and make up a story based on the pictures. It's easy, creative, and you can take it anywhere and play with anyone. Walter can't make up stories yet, but he's been having fun playing with the dice. I like the sort of game that he can grow into.
Story dice


Anonymous said...

Did you use stamps to make the characters on the wood? I love it!! You are such a crafty woman!

Walter's mom said...

I used clip art and printed the pictures on clear label paper, then gave them some extra protection with Mod Podge over the top. I used fabric scraps to make the bags.

Rae said...

Thanks for "claiming" your photo! Yaaay! Very cool!