Recommended reading

You may have noticed that I've recently added a list of blogs to the sidebar on this page. My blog reading list changes from time to time and I will change the list here from time to time as well. There's so much great stuff out there in the blogging world.

One of my favorites I'd like to point out: Smitten Kitchen. It's a fabulous food blog, loaded with gorgeous images, and her most recent addition, a baby boy! It just keeps getting better. I don't remember how I stumbled upon this gem, but I enjoy reading it so much that I feel like passing it on to you. She makes a wide variety of recipes, and most would not intimidate the average cook. She gives honest reviews, stories of failures, and advice on how to make things better. And the photos! Did I mention the photos? Lovely. Smitten Kitchen's latest entry – salted brown butter crispy treats. I think I'll be making these very soon!

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