In the midst of a 4-day weekend

I've been feeling a bit burned out at work lately, so in addition to having Good Friday off, I played hooky on Thursday as well. Walter and I spent the day shopping with my sister and baby Finn. (Nate got the day off too!) Walter behaved perfectly – an excellent little shopper. 

I wasn't sure what I would do with myself for 4 whole days, but there is no shortage of things to do. We've been to the dog park, to the library, and to Target (no day is complete without a trip to Target.)  We've walked the dog and cleaned the house. Walter and I spent some time playing with the camera – and I'm sure we'll be doing more of that tonight and tomorrow. I took another stab at baking hot cross buns. I still don't have the perfect recipe. I think last year's attempt was better, but they turned out pretty good. Anyone have a good recipe you want to share with me??

Nate is spending most of the weekend with the Brewers, so Walter and I are on our own. I've got a bottle of wine and a movie waiting for me as soon as Walter goes to bed tonight. I'd say by Monday morning I'll be ready to work again. It feels good to take some time off. I should do this more often!

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