9 months

It's been a big month for Walter. He went from holding our hands and leading us around the house, to taking steps on his own. Now he can walk all the way across our living room, stopping to find his balance as he needs to, all by himself! His confidence is growing – sometimes he'll go it alone with no encouragement from us at all. He's been sharpening his other motor skills as well. He is very, very close to crawling, but he's not quite there yet. And he's starting to figure out how to pull himself up to standing too.

Walter has two new teeth and a couple more on the way. He has successfully made the switch from breast milk to formula, and he's trying new foods all the time. He's getting better at feeding himself, although the slippery stuff is still pretty tricky. Molly is enjoying the mess and hangs out under his chair at meals.

I would talk about his sleeping habits, but I'm afraid I might jinx it.

Here are the stats from his 9 month check-up this morning. He's still a beanpole.
Height: 30" (93%)
Weight: 18lbs 1oz (13%)
Click here to see photos from the last month.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how he can spin and turn directions. He has great balance for his age. He has changed a lot this month. Love, Gramma